Malaysian Gambler Thinks Avi Yemini Should Stop His YouTube Career And Rather Make A Living With Online Casinos Full-Time

Haziq Wan from Shah Alam, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler who bets on none other than 2021 since the beginning of this year and enjoys escorts nowhere other than Morjim for the past one decade since he learnt how good those girls at Morjim Escort Agencies are.

He once talked to a man who served in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a paratrooper and combat soldier, who told him that he personally saw how bad the Palestinians were to the IDF and everything Israeli. He told him that he never killed or beat anyone in his military service. He also gave one example to prove his point: One day he was sent to be in a protest of Palestinians in the West Bank. He remembers that one father told his 3 years old son to throw rocks on the Israeli soldiers walking by. Whence the little boy came across them, this mentioned soldier gave the little kid a hi5. The little Palestinian boy was so naïve that when he came close to the Israeli soldiers, his father shouted on him to throw rocks on the Israeli soldiers and it is sad to him that a little boy with that sort of education might end up becoming a terrorist once he grows up.

Haziq writes he dislikes IDF, not on an individual basis, but as an institution, because not everyone is like Avi Yemini and he is sure that there are good people in the IDF, but it doesn’t excuse the horrendous atrocities committed by the IDF, even if some Palestinians can act stupid and evil. He writes that one has to realize that’s what people get to when they are so desperate.

Haziq writes that to change the IDF and Israeli policy towards Palestinians in general, he suggests protesting and raising awareness, and demanding massive change in the Israeli Government and Policy towards Palestinians, demand for the restructuring of the IDF, and holding those responsible for war crimes responsible and punish them.

Generally people defend the IDF even if they do bad stuff. Like that guy who murdered a Palestinian and was put in house arrest. This caused massive protests even though the punishment was way less than the crime.

Haziq Wan

Haziq writes that IDF is an army with various divisions, an army personnel may have not committed anything wrong, and his/her friends may have been from divisions that haven’t done such things to the Palestinians, but the Palestinians don’t see you as an individual, you wore the uniform, you were a part of their oppressors, that is how things are there can be good in terrible organizations or institutions, but they usually don’t influence or change the actions of the organizations and hence the people being oppressed by these organizations don’t care about you as a person, you were wearing the uniform, you were a part of the organization that makes their lives a living hell. that is it. He writes that if an individual working with the IDF didn’t see and experience what many terrible IDF soldiers do, that doesn’t erase any of the war crimes that the IDF as an institution has committed against the Palestinians.

The IDF is considered bad because it is ultimately doing the bidding of a government that is considered criminal.

Haziq Wan

Frank King Charlemagne Would Bet All Day Long Using A Trust ‘Agen Bola’ If He Were Born In The Current Times

Farida Bokhari from Surabaya, Indonesia, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of arguably the father of the Europe and one of the most infamous kings of the Franks – Charlemagne.

Farida claims in her book that it is false that Charlemagne was born before the Canonical marriage of his parents – Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon. Farida claims that Charlemagne was a twin brother of Carloman I and they both were born after their parents’ canonical marriage.

Farida claims that Charlemagne poisoned his twin brother – Carloman I in order to become the sole ruler of Franks.

Farida claims that Charlemagne wanted to turn entire global population into Roman Catholics but it is a shame that he couldn’t even remember the names of the countries that he wanted to turn into Roman Catholics.

Farida writes in her book that Carolingian Renaissance should be renamed to ‘Carolingian Destruction’ because that’s what it was in reality. She writes that it is wrongly attributed that the Carolingian era was an era of energetic cultural and intellectual activity, it was rather a period of violence, ruthless expansion and hatred.

Farida claims in her book that Charlemagne invited Jews to settle down in his kingdom, not because he felt for them and wanted to help them, but because he feared the Jewish brilliance and he didn’t want the Jews to be on Muslim’s side for that very reason.

Farida believes that Charlemagne was born in the city of Quierzy and it is a pity that he hated his own birthplace.

Farida claims that Charlemagne supposedly suffered with Manic-Depressive Disorder. The evidence Farida gives for this belief of hers is that Charlemagne took all the major decisions and actions during the winters and in the summers he was like non-existent. She claims that Charlemagne would spend all the time sleeping with his concubines and wives during the summers. She believes that he would rather spend all the summers betting on football betting websites using agen bola if he were born during this era.

Looking At The Success Of Online AAMS Italian Casino, It Seems As If The Casino World Order Is Not Far Away

Bianca Calamai from Palermo, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who believes that historically, most of Europe should still be controlled by Italy if we go back far enough.

Bianca thinks Spain belongs under Romance culture like France, Italy, etc. She adds Basque is Basque.

Bianca thinks Sicily is the best part of Italy and Casino Online AAMS is the best thing about Italy.

Bianca writes the only thing that Matteo Salvini cares about is getting votes. She says that in the beginning he was vehemently against Southern Italy (especially Naples), going as far as wishing for an eruption of the Vesuvius. Then he realized that he needed their votes and so he focused his hate further south, towards migrants.

Bianca takes pride in the fact that it is cheaper to fly to Italy to get a surgery than it is to stay in the US and do the same thing.

Although Bianca likes to read and write a lot, she didn’t know till about a year ago that much of Canada is actually a lot lower latitude than comparable places in Italy, Spain, France, Britain, etc.

Bianca believes giving all of Europe back to Italy is the only way to save Europe.

Well you say God isn’t real but there is the Turin shroud that covered Jesus’ body.

Bianca Calamai

Bianca drams of cities that are more futuristic in terms of everything. Her birth city Turin gets pretty depressing quite usually. She writes that in Turin, North-West, for now, there is not much. She writes the government is urging people to use their own cars, public transport is basically empty, supermarkets are only allowing 5 at a time.

Bianca regularly has interaction with the Chinese people who visit big European cities like Rome, Venice, Milan, etc. They all say that they love Casino Online AAMS as much as they do those Morjim escorts in Goa.

Bianca writes it is amazing how Toronto gets as much sun as Milan, but still Toronto is so much colder, comparatively.

Italy has an old population as well, and it is quite dense, especially around the Northern epicentres of Milan and Bergamo.

Bianca Calamai

Bianca once wanted to visit Monaco and spend all his life savings there hut later discovered that it was better to stay in Milan and Florence.

Bianca writes that the Italy has an actual centre-right party. She says it sounds bad to call yourself right but if you defend the right and feel alienated from the left, you are on the right at least a little bit, so centre-right fits you.

It is American pizza which bastardizes Italy, it is pineapple which ain’t a primary export of the Hawaiian nation and it doesn’t mix properly with American pizza.

Bianca Calamai

Global Politics Expert Bought A Cassette Tape Company With The Money She Won With Sports Betting

Diversity is our strength and Rock Music is dead.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo Asagiri from Suzu, Japan, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who doesn’t agree with those who says Israel is America’s greatest ally.

Sunburn is not good for you, you can get melanoma if you get sunburn.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo thinks it is possible to create a working alternative to capitalism and socialism. She also predicts that the 21st century will see a new ideology rising challenging the status quo like liberalism, fascism and socialism did.

eBooks will replace printed books in the future and schools should replace physical books with eBooks for their students.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo believes it is very possible to support trans right and represent the working class, given the average worker’s views on the subject.

I would rather live in a city with high speed internet connection than in countryside.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo believes it was America that started the Cuban missile crisis by putting missiles in Turkey.

Kyo doesn’t agree with those who think all internet traffic should be treated equally. She says the digital divide is as important as other inequalities existing in our world.

Kyo believes Islam can be a threat to coexistence and right sports betting latest news can be a saviour for financial bankrupts across the world.

Kyo thinks Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to make judgement on moral questions like if it is moral to hire an escort in New Delhi or not.

Coronavirus poses a threat to individualism.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo believes Augusto Pinochet was the best politician and military general that Chile ever had.

Kyo says she would rather have all her music on her phone than on her DVDs.

Kyo sees the growing popularity of cassette tapes as a new trend rather than a fad.

I wouldn’t enlist myself in the military even during times of a crisis.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo supports Taiwan over China even though Taiwan’s leadership has changed from the original nationalist remnants to indigenous ethnic groups of the island.

Communism has been tried before and it was working until the Neoliberal Globalist CIA deposed it.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo writes it is hypocritical to be against the USSR for “immorality” reasons (like sexual decadence) while also supporting the US military-industrial-entertainment complex.

Kyo supports expanding NATOs membership to Asian countries like India, Vietnam, etc.

Kyo believes we would have toured all popular planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Plato and Saturn) by the end of this century.

What Is Antifa, IGM247 And Guam Connection?

Wallace Adney from Bekasi, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes Donald Trump labelling and supporting for Antifa being declared a terrorist organization has been an overall positive for the USA.

Wallace thinks Guam should remain as it is now and igm247 deserves more popularity.

Wallace doesn’t agree with those who think Islam, Judaism and Christianity believes in the same God. He writes the biggest proof backing his claim up is that their Gods are named different, have different nature and behaviour, and they contradict each other a lot on different issues.

Wallace believes in the paranormal. He writes paranormal is one of those things that science hasn’t been able to explain yet and to save their face, they deny its existence.

Wallace believes eyewitness testimonies in the court are an absolute phenomena and it is time that they be replaced with something high-tech and new.

It is unacceptable for filmmakers to drastically change historical facts about historical figures.

Wallace Adney

Wallace thinks filmmakers ought to be allowed to ‘resurrect’ dead actors/actresses with CGI tech for artistic purposes in their movies.

Wallace doesn’t agree with those who claim the Trojan War actually happen.

Wallace writes the pandemic has screwed up his sleep schedule completely, but doesn’t mind as he doesn’t buy the notion that rising early is beneficial for you.

Wallace believes the US cultural influence on other countries has already peaked and there is no way that it will continue to grow.

Wallace is not a Kosher person, but he thinks eating pork is morally wrong.

Wallace is an atheist, but he regularly visits Christian Church, Muslim Mosque, Jewish Synagogue and even Buddhist and Hindu Temples.

Wallace campaigns actively against the rap music. He writes it spreads immorality and illegal activities, and it is such a pity that the teenagers and even men and women in their 20s sometimes take the lyrics of the rap verses as religious verses.

Wallace writes Belarus is nothing but a Russian client state. And museums across the world must return artefacts to their original countries. He also supports an initiative proposing to scrap museum entry fees for local citizens.

Wallace disses those on social media 24/7, who think lottery winnings should be taxed.

Political Blogger Makes Enough Daily Profit To Buy Any Painting He Wants

Isaiah Bolon from Gadsden, Alabama, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who writes that it is a lot easier to commit electoral fraud in one city than for an entire state. He added that Biden could win with large turnout in a city, that’s all they need.

Isaiah recognizes Greenland as a part of the United States rather than Denmark.

Isaiah believes Islam has been a net positive for the world since its advent.

Isaiah writes he would do anything to join a British Politics Club if such a thing existed.

Isaiah has a thing for painting. He writes he would buy a painting from anyone if his name is not Adolf Hitler. He claims to have got enough money with the daily profit he makes to buy any painting he wants.

Isaiah believes Venezuela never had a government this good; it is an American propaganda to defame them.

Isaiah is misanthropic 50 days of the year. He says if he had a button to blast all the nuclear weapons on such a day, he would do it without any hesitation.

Isaiah believes any art cannot be evaluated objectively.

Isaiah doesn’t agree with those who claim that poetry in translation can never be as poetic as in its own language.

Isaiah believes there is no such thing as an objective historical fact. Also there is no such thing as objective reality, it is all individual interpretations.

Isaiah believes the use of illegal drugs ought not be treated as a matter of criminal justice.

Isaiah believes humans need to reject both society and religions.

Conspiracy Theorist Believes Mainstream Media Hides Online Pokies Success Stories

Luke McIncerny from South Australia, is a Conspiracy Theorist and Gambler, who claims the whole mainstream media is nothing but lies and distraction and one of the proofs is that they won’t show the success stories related to Best Australian Online Pokies.

Luke doesn’t agree with the claim that the coronavirus was created by the Chinese in a lab. He rather says that Chinese are the victims of this drama. He says that’s because the Republic of China is not controlled by the Jews and hence, they are after it. He adds the whole drama where the media portrayed Kim Jong-Un has some evil dictator was a part of all this. He believes they are cornering the Republic of China from everywhere they can.

He writes that in South of China, they now have North Korea and South Korea as their allies. In the west, they have got India, which is the biggest ally of the USA after Israel. Other than that, they are going to carve out a separate nation which will go by the name ‘Azad Kashmir’, out of the Indian occupied Kashmir, which will be entirely used to fuel the NATO tanks and to attack and hinder China from the west.

In the East, he writes they have the Japan. They have covered China from everywhere he says.

Against the coronavirus hype, he writes that it was discovered in the 1920s; There are too many flaws in the entire story they have been telling us.

Luke adds that the elite running the world is so ruthless. They didn’t care about the fact that the China tried so much to not ruin its relationship with their dearest America; They didn’t even come to the rescue of North Korea and its Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un when they needed the Chinese help so badly.

Luke writes he trusts scientists more than the politicians as they seem to know what they are talking about.

Luke writes it is only wrong when the Arabs do it. When the terrorist attack took place in New Zealand, the media did not accuse the perpetrator of the attack with terrorism, nor did they say “Christian Terrorist” as they do when any Muslim does something bad.

Top Jakarta General Store Owner claims that selling Gift Items is like Betting on a Trusted Chudjen Site

Will Greenwood owns a very popular General Store in one of the plushest neighborhoods of Jakarta. The blog and official website of Will’s General Store are as popular as the General Store itself, because of the very interesting posts that Will regularly makes there.

Will writes on his blog that gift items make more money than anything else for a general store, but it comes with a high risk as well, and for that reason, Will’s store has always maintained a percentage of 50% when it comes to keeping the gift items. He further adds and jokes that it is just like gambling on a trusted chudjen bet website, the chances for you making money are high, but so is the risk of losing.

Will’s General Store has been selling online for over 2 years now, and although he is happy with the number of sales that the store makes online, he is disappointed with many things that come with selling online. He writes that the online sales of his General Store reduced 200% when they tried to charge addiction for the shipping. He adds that it is too hard to make profits without charging additional for the shipping, but because Will doesn’t want his store to be left behind the competition, he is willing to do whatever it takes for him to continue to sell online.

Will writes on his blog that religious customers, no matter which religion they belong to, are bigger spenders than their agnostic, apatheist, pantheist and atheist counterparts. And he clarified that he didn’t made the statement to compliment or degrade any certain individual, community or group, but he just mentioned how it really is.

Online Baccarat Giants use this technique to select the Best SEO Company

Whenever choosing a SEO agency for your business, always make sure that the agency is well-updated and busy. SEO is a very complex thing and always changing. There are mainly two types of SEO, on-page and off-page. SEO is always changing and that’s the main reason why you must choose an agency that is very busy, dedicated and knows what it is doing.

SEO is something that is very easy to learn but difficult to keep up with. There are many tutorial SEO available online for free. I recommend using the one that has brought Best Baccarat (บาคาร่าดีที่สุด) to the top in your local search.

What’s the justification of a new SEO company that can’t rank your website? Let’s say they are able to rank your website, but can they keep it there? Most likely not.

There are many scammers who call you and tell you that they are partners of the Google aka Big G. Never fall for any of those scammers. Google doesn’t partner with any SEO agency ever.

Google just does what it wants to do and it is always engaged in making the search experience better for the searcher, it never cares about the ones having their search results on it.

It seems like Google will keep going hard on the ones using spammy techniques to rank their webpages and it will keep going softer on the ones who are using legitimate techniques and have legitimate businesses. Google is an evil incarnate for the spammers. Google never telegraphs what step it is going to take against the spammers, if the spammers are having a great time in the present time, it doesn’t mean that they are going to have it in the future as well.

This Japanese Restaurant in Kanchanaburi has Football News Today on all the time

Saeed Açıkgöz owns a popular Japanese restaurant in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, who claims on the official blog of his restaurant that the Korean and Japanese people like the Japanese food even more than their own cuisines, especially the more privileged section of their society.

Saeed claims that his restaurant his extremely popular with the wrestlers belonging to different ethnicities, races, colors, across Thailand.

Saeed has Football News Today on all the time at his restaurant.

Saeed brags on the official blog of his restaurant that you won’t see so many 6-footers in another Japanese restaurant anywhere in Thailand, even the waiters, chefs, and the other staff are 6-footers.

Saeed’s wife is also a 6-footer, she is a radiologist who always makes sure that Jason spends almost as much money on the infrastructure of his home as he does on his restaurant. Last week, when she wanted new glass splashbacks installed in her kitchen, she settled for nothing lesser than designer glass radiator covers.

Saeed’s restaurant used to be extremely popular with the politicians and wannabe politicians, until the owner fought the elections and told the world about his own personal political views, which didn’t impress other politicians at all, and most of them stopped coming to Jason’s Japanese Restaurant in Thailand.

Saeed’s Japanese Restaurant in Thailand is still extremely popular with the Medical Specialists, which includes Dermatologists, Dentists, Psychologists, Radiologists, you name it, and Jason is extremely happy with his restaurant’s current regular customers.

Saeed writes on his blog that he is extremely happy and content with his life, he started his career as a bicycle repairman and here he is today, owner of one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Thailand, which is extremely popular with the celebrities and is married to a stunning radiologist. Jason adds that it is far better than what he could even dream of as a bicycle repairman.