Clinical Psychiatrist claims stock traders are 300% happier than the grocery store owners

Dr Peter Tieryas is a Clinical Psychiatrist from Ottawa, Canada, who writes on his blog that it comes as a surprise for most that the stock traders are 300% less likely to fell into chronic depression than the grocery store owners.

Dr Peter Tieryas has a son and a daughter, neither of whom were ever bright students and hence, it was out of question for Dr Peter to think about making either a medical practitioner. Neither of Dr Peter Tieryas’ kids ever went to the college, they both only completed senior high school and right after that, they both started selling on eBay and they both have been pretty successful with it ever since. Dr Peter Tieryas says that he is extremely proud of both his son and the daughter. And he regularly hires Russian female escorts in Mumbai for his son when he sends him to India for vacations and male escorts for his daughter when he sends her to Nigeria. She really loves those BBCs.

Dr Peter Tieryas claims that listening to New Wave Music stabilizes mood to a great extent, especially when done in luxury surroundings and/or atmosphere and he additionally claims to have first hand-experience of it.

Dr Peter Tieryas writes on his blog that the notion that Starbucks coffees are better for the psychological health of a person compared to the coffees found at most local coffee shops is a false one and has no real basis.

Dr Peter Tieryas claims that the men of Swiss and German ancestry have 300% more chances of getting ADHD or Schizophrenia at some point of their lives compared to the rest of the Europe on an average while the women belonging to the Swiss and/or German ancestries are 150% less likely to suffer with ADHD or Schizophrenia at any point of their lives compared to the average European woman.