Chinese Chicken Soup has been turning Indian Vegetarians into Non-Vegetarians and Bet1015 has been turning Hardcore Catholics into Full-Time Gamblers

Rose Venkatesan from Bristol, England, is a Chinese Restaurant owner, who recently completed writing her first book named ‘The Chinese Cuisine in Bharat’.

In her book, Rose writes that the Chinese dish – Dim Sums is more popular in India and it is a huge accomplishment for the Chinese cuisine.

Rose writes in her book that Chinese Styled Chicken Hot and Sour Soup has been doing better in India than in China itself. She adds that the taste of it has literally turned millions of vegetarians into non-vegetarians just like Top Horse Racing Betting Sites Bet1015 has turned several hardcore Catholics into gamblers.

Rose writes that it is a pity that the Chinese quick noodles have been going down in popularity all across the globe, especially in India, since the government of India falsely alleged the biggest producer of quick noodles – Maggi for producing harmful and cheap quality noodles – Maggi for producing harmful and cheap quality noodles with too much lead within just so that the company of their own personal stooge – Swami Ramdev could took over the billion dollar ‘quick noodle’ industry of India. Then she adds that the people of India hated the way the ‘Quick Atta Noodles’ by Swami Ramdev’s Company – Patanjali tasted and rather suffered losses instead of profits, then only a few months later after seeing the failure of Swami Ramdev’s Quick Atta Noodles, the government of India dramatically announced that there was a mistake checking the samples of Maggi and they were going for a re-checkup of the noodles.

Rose believes that the government of India or/and its checking officers were most likely bribed by the Nestle Company of Switzerland; Now after rechecking, they came up with the claim that there was nothing wrong with the lead content of Maggi and it was completely healthy for the children and adults to consume the same.