Placebo Effect Plays a Great Role in Your Chances of Winning at Online Casinos – Roy Frierson

Roy Frierson from Singapore, is a spirituality and improvement blogger, who believes strongly in the placebo effect. He writes that you will see more of a result with the placebo when you are younger – late teens, early 20s – because you will be able to believe more.

Roy gives the example that if you placebo yourself into believing that you are taller than you really are, at older age, then people will just shrug it off as “Wow, he is taller than I remember” and think nothing more of it. But you will know the secret. He says that it totally depends on how much you believe it.

Roy believes that our reality is drastically influenced by our beliefs and this is the basis for the law of attraction. He gives example :- “You ever notice how whenever you gain interest in a certain topic it suddenly becomes popular?”

Roy says that this placebo effect has also made him a huge success with the Singapore Online Casino.

Roy claims that Jesus Christ was around 5’0″ tall.

Roy says that if a man truly understands the power of pure retention, he would go to any length imaginable to prevent release. He says that with pure retention, you begin to live your life in a meditative state.

Every night before asleep, Roy closes his eyes and pray that he doesn’t have a nocturnal emission.

Roy believes that when there is love, there cannot be lust. There cannot be control.

Roy has a strange opinion that depression is beautiful. He once wrote on his blog “Depression is so incredibly beautiful. Words cannot describe how much I love depression. I strive to be as depressed as possible.”

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