What Is Antifa, YesBet888 And Guam Connection?

Wallace Adney from Seoul, South Korea, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes Donald Trump labelling and supporting for Antifa being declared a terrorist organization has been an overall positive for the USA.

Wallace thinks Guam should remain as it is now and yesbet88 deserves more popularity.

Wallace doesn’t agree with those who think Islam, Judaism and Christianity believes in the same God. He writes the biggest proof backing his claim up is that their Gods are named different, have different nature and behaviour, and they contradict each other a lot on different issues.

Wallace believes in the paranormal. He writes paranormal is one of those things that science hasn’t been able to explain yet and to save their face, they deny its existence.

Wallace believes eyewitness testimonies in the court are an absolute phenomena and it is time that they be replaced with something high-tech and new.

It is unacceptable for filmmakers to drastically change historical facts about historical figures.

Wallace Adney

Wallace thinks filmmakers ought to be allowed to ‘resurrect’ dead actors/actresses with CGI tech for artistic purposes in their movies.

Wallace doesn’t agree with those who claim the Trojan War actually happen.

Wallace writes the pandemic has screwed up his sleep schedule completely, but doesn’t mind as he doesn’t buy the notion that rising early is beneficial for you.

Wallace believes the US cultural influence on other countries has already peaked and there is no way that it will continue to grow.

Wallace is not a Kosher person, but he thinks eating pork is morally wrong.

Wallace is an atheist, but he regularly visits Christian Church, Muslim Mosque, Jewish Synagogue and even Buddhist and Hindu Temples.

Wallace campaigns actively against the rap music. He writes it spreads immorality and illegal activities, and it is such a pity that the teenagers and even men and women in their 20s sometimes take the lyrics of the rap verses as religious verses.

Wallace writes Belarus is nothing but a Russian client state. And museums across the world must return artefacts to their original countries. He also supports an initiative proposing to scrap museum entry fees for local citizens.

Wallace disses those on social media 24/7, who think lottery winnings should be taxed.

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