Naples Trader and Gambler believes in 4% Rule when it comes to either Trading or Betting

Stefania Murino from Naples, Italy, is a full-time trader and part-time gambler, who believes in the 4% rule, when it comes to trading or betting on migliori casino online Italia or even when hiring those female escorts in Goa.

Stefania believes that if done smartly enough, paper trading can be as lucrative as paper-printing.

Stefania writes that she started trading to buy her own duplex; That was her first goal. She achieved it within the same time as she expected, thanks to betting along with trading. She was jobless and was trying to find a job as a Virtual Assistant or as a Freelance Writer when she started in the business of trading.

Stefania writes that all the so-called real-time stock apps suck big time.

Stefania believes TSLA is going to have a monopoly on cars in the near future.

Although not an engineer of any sorts, Stefania claims to have developed an unbeatable bot that predicts the market accurately like no other.

Stefania claims that she never got depressed for not buying a stock that gained multiple times within no time.

Stefania once met an Indian Call Centre Scammer in real life. He told him that most of the scam Indian call centres invest their money into buying stocks.

Stefania has been learning about Real Estate for the past 2 months now. She says that’s where she wants to put her upcoming betting winning amount at. She says that she will start with buying a house and renting it out. She says checking the prices of the houses at Real Estate websites has really put her in a dilemma as they contradict and fluctuate so irrationally there.

Stefania has always been of the belief that support/resistance levels tend to always play a part in the stocks movement just like in many other things.

Indonesian Author Distributing Free Copies of His Book, Thanks to Tangkasnet Money

Salman Syahputra from Riau, Indonesia, is an author who completed writing a book on the nation called Bahrain, last month. He offered me a free copy as he is already rich off tangkasnet and doesn’t care much about money. I really enjoyed reading the book and this post of mine is a sort of review for the same.

Salman agrees that Bahrain’s ruling Al-Khalifa Royal family abuses human rights in their country by imposing, torturing and executing dissidents and opposing political figures but doesn’t agree with the claim that they are biased against the majority Shia Muslim population of the nation.

Salman writes that not a single Greek site left in the modern day Bahrain even after the Greeks lived in that part of the world for years is the proof enough that the Bahrain has never been friendly to the foreigners and roughly 50% of its population, which constitutes of the non-nationals should be alert of the fact that they should live and work here but not think of it as their own country, be attached to it unconditionally and contribute or sacrifice anything additional for it.

Salman jokes that perhaps the Government and the Royal Family of Bahrain get confused if Promising or Compromising mean the same when it comes to the Human Rights.

Salman claims the three major opposing political parties of Bahrain, namely – Al Wefaq, Haq Movement and Bahrain Freedom Movement have been trying too hard through chat apps to initiate a big rebel movement using Arabs all across the globe, especially the Middle-East, to recruit as many people as possible for the cause.

Salman also claims that the April 2012 protests that took place right before F1 Race in Bahrain were funded by the Iran to create destability in Bahrain and also give the nation a bad name for being racists and Anti-Shiites.

From Tool-Making to Innovative Ways of Online Gambling, Thailand has always been teaching other nations

Sudarat Sangthong from Bangkok, Thailand, is an author, who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Algeria.

In her book, Sudarat writes that it smells like a propaganda to her when the archaelogists and others label every prehistoric tool makers and tools as produced by the Neanderthals, like other hominids never produced anything of value until recently. Similarly, she adds that the hand axes found in the modern day Algeria resemble hominid tools and axes in every possible way, but the so-called experts still won’t agree that those are axes by none other than the Neanderthals.

Sudarat claims that the people of the Prehistoric region what is now called Algeria learnt the art of making blades from the Rishis of the Indus Valley Civilisation just like many Algerian millionaires recently learnt about SA betting from their Thai friends.

Sudarat writes it is a pity that they still hide the atrocities done by the Fatimid Caliphate in Algeria in the schools, colleges and other places in order to save reputation of Islam and the descendants of Prophet Muhammad.

Sudarat writes Yaghmurasen Ibn Zyan is one of the most overrated and over-glorified rulers of not only the Kingdom of Tiemeen but of the entire Maghreb region. She adds that if it weren’t for sychophant scholars like Ibn Khaldun, very few would have been familiar with the fact that there was a ruler named Yaghmurasen who found the Zayyanid dynasty, and even fewer would have been familiar with the fact that there was a dynasty that went by the name ‘Zayyanid’.

Making 12000 USD a month ain’t that hard if you know how to make the best outta your little investment

Greg Tracy doesn’t speak Arabic but he loves listening to Nancy Ajram’s Aah w Noss and Enta Eih; Greg Tracy doesn’t have to go work in the morning but he wakes up early and sleeps late; Greg Tracy didn’t inherit a fortune or won a lottery and he doesn’t even work anymore but he still makes over USD 12000 a month in profits on an average per month. Yes, you heard me, 12000 a month without working at all. Want to know the secret? Read this short little article till the end.

Greg Tracy can’t forget the moment when once he was out to buy condoms to a pharmacy for his third date with this beautiful blonde Ashkenazi Jewish lady and the pharmacist turned out to be the dad of one of his best friends in school. Greg Tracy ended up buying ice packs of condoms instead making up an excuse for chronic back pain.

Greg Tracy was always kind of physically weak and about 3 years ago, his doctor prescribed him Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Greg Tracy had also gone fully bald and he wanted to have a head full of thick long hair but didn’t have the money for the transplant.

Greg Tracy decided that he needs to do something to make a small fortune. He started an online services outsourcing business in the early 2015 with an extremely little investment. Greg Tracy gave his 100% and the business started making profits within the very first week. By the late 2015, Greg Tracy had to shut down his small business because his DM advertising and other unethical practices were caught by the owners of the website on whose website he was doing the business.

Greg Tracy after doing one month research on how to get back and writing apologising letters to the website admins was certain that there is no way to get his business back. Greg Tracy then decided to invest the 120, 000 US Dollars he made with his little online business. He did one month research and figured out that is the only thing that migliori casino online italia can guarantee him steady returns on his investment. He has been getting an average 12000 USD per month since then.

Online Agile Ball Game is notoriously popular all across Indonesia and guys like Iftikhar are the proof

Life is not easy in Indonesia. It is one of the poorest countries on the face of earth and you are considered really lucky if you are able to make a comfortable living, have a flashy car and a huge house. Owning a penthouse for an Indonesian is equivalent to a British national owning a mansion in the London city.

Iftikhar is a very hard-working young Indonesian boy with a fair complexion. A fair complexion is very rare in Indonesia. They sell thousands of products in that country that claim will make your complexion brighter. Even when in the school, Iftikhar used to hustle a lot to make some extra money. When he was in the 10th standard, he heard of people making money on the internet and he decided that he too will try. He couldn’t afford a computer and an internet connection, but he figured out a solution. A brother of one of his school friends owned an internet cafe near to Iftikhar’s house itself, so he decided that he will go to him and ask for some discount. His school friend’s brother (the internet cafe owner) agreed for 5 taka per hour. Iftikhar rejoiced and from that very moment started trying.

It took Iftikhar 4 months finally to find a couple of methods to make some money online. After 3 months of finding the ways, he was making roughly about 1 Million Rupiah a day, which is considered a great amount in Indonesia.

Now, Iftikhar is an adult and a usual day in his life is very tiring and boring at the same time. He wakes up early, goes to the school, comes back, immediately goes to the cafe of his friend’s brother and finally comes back after 4-5 hours, have dinner and then study for 3-4 hours. Only one thing keeps him out of the depression and that is bola tangkas online.

Will Crypto Gambling Sites be responsible for making the world’s first Trillionaire?

The current richest man on the planet aka Mr. Drive aka Jeff Bezos didn’t become what he is today in a day. It has been a long journey for him and he is not willing to stop. He aims to become the world’s first trillionaire and he is not willing to do it with Amazon alone, one of his greatest secrets is the crypto gambling sites.

Jeff Bezos didn’t start as the founder of Amazon Inc. He is an alumni of the Princeton University and his education is what he attributes his success most to. Many people told him that university is a waste of time but he listened to his intuition. It doesn’t matter what path you follow, you are bound to get discouraged at times, the thing that matters is that you stay on the path no matter who discourages you and how.

One of your goals must be to achieve as much knowledge as possible if you want to be a high achiever and what better than Evropski univerzitet Kallos Tuzla when it comes to the knowledge and education.

If you are passionate about something, just don’t leave your education for it. Do it by the side and don’t compromise your education.

You will be respected everywhere if you are a well-educated person. Your parents will be proud of you and your siblings too. Your nephews and nieces will proudly tell that if my uncle is a lawyer, doctor or an engineer, if you are going on that path.

Ice Cream Shop has Framed Sports Memorabilia pasted all over its black walls that he bought with UFABet winning amount

Narong Kanchanarat owns a popular ice cream parlour in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who claims to have some of the best ice creams for the diabetics at his shop.

Narong Kanchanarat recently made a post on his blog claiming that his shop is about to launch car designed ice creams for the car lovers. Narong says that they will start with all the Infiniti cars ever built because Infiniti is Narong’s most favorite car maker and both the cars that he own presently are also Infinitis.

Narong’s ice cream shop also has some video game characters based ice creams for the gamers that visit his shop. But what attracts the visitors most to his shop is the framed sports memorabilia art and pictures that he bought with UFABet money. Narong claims to have been told this by several of his regular customers and some new ones as well.

Narong’s shop also serves special ice creams with graduation hats on those for the people who recently graduated. Narong claims on his blog that it is mostly eaten and loved by those who like to remind themselves of their graduation day’s memories including Narong himself.

Narong writes on his blog that is both a good and bad thing simultaneously that most new ice cream parlours are focusing on branding themselves more than anything else. Narong says that it is good because they are spending a lot of time in creating a brand which involves improving their product and service and on the other hand, they are trying too hard on it that they forget the main aim of their business.

Narong writes that you will seldom find an ice cream parlour that is run by 2 or 3 partners. Narong claims that most of the successful ice cream parlours are sole proprietorships including his own. Narong claims that 3 good friends of his that studied with him in the college, created an ice cream business together and only a month later, they started fighting over it, became envious of each other and many other negative things happened among them which ultimately destroyed their business.

Thai Nephrologist claims 80% of Thai Millionaires bet regularly on Football Step 2

Aing Te Title from Hua Hin, Thailand, is a Nephrologist, who believes that the role of gastrointestinal system in the case of chronic and non-chronic kidney disorders has always been underestimated in the field of nephrology and other medical fields.

Aing Te Title also writes that the people with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) are more likely to suffer with Chronic Kidney Diseases in the old age though no proven medical reasons or the ADD medications are known to cause this.

Aing Te Title claims that many of the kidney diseases caused by gynaecological disorders are not found in Central African women.

Aing Te Title claims that the role of vitamin D is very underrated and that of magnesium and calcium is extremely overrated when it comes to the kidney health.

Aing Te Title claims that most studies prove uric acid has nothing to do with hypertension but many doctors still think of it as a major contributing factor.

Aing Te Title writes that it is no surprise that Chronic Kidney Diseases and weak muscles go together, and it doesn’t matter how much of magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium or Vitamin D you take, you cannot make your muscles as strong as they would be in the absence of CKD.

Aing Te Title practiced in India for 2 years and she noticed that in the Indian Subcontinent, 80% of the hypertension patients also have diabetes just like 80% of the wealthy Thai adults applied for step (สมัครแทงบอลสเต็ป).

Aing Te Title writes it is a pity that most of the focus of the medical experts is on treating and curing the hypertension but nobody focuses much on the hypo-tension.

Chinese Chicken Soup has been turning Indian Vegetarians into Non-Vegetarians and Bet1015 has been turning Hardcore Catholics into Full-Time Gamblers

Rose Venkatesan from Bristol, England, is a Chinese Restaurant owner, who recently completed writing her first book named ‘The Chinese Cuisine in Bharat’.

In her book, Rose writes that the Chinese dish – Dim Sums is more popular in India and it is a huge accomplishment for the Chinese cuisine.

Rose writes in her book that Chinese Styled Chicken Hot and Sour Soup has been doing better in India than in China itself. She adds that the taste of it has literally turned millions of vegetarians into non-vegetarians just like Top Horse Racing Betting Sites Bet1015 has turned several hardcore Catholics into gamblers.

Rose writes that it is a pity that the Chinese quick noodles have been going down in popularity all across the globe, especially in India, since the government of India falsely alleged the biggest producer of quick noodles – Maggi for producing harmful and cheap quality noodles – Maggi for producing harmful and cheap quality noodles with too much lead within just so that the company of their own personal stooge – Swami Ramdev could took over the billion dollar ‘quick noodle’ industry of India. Then she adds that the people of India hated the way the ‘Quick Atta Noodles’ by Swami Ramdev’s Company – Patanjali tasted and rather suffered losses instead of profits, then only a few months later after seeing the failure of Swami Ramdev’s Quick Atta Noodles, the government of India dramatically announced that there was a mistake checking the samples of Maggi and they were going for a re-checkup of the noodles.

Rose believes that the government of India or/and its checking officers were most likely bribed by the Nestle Company of Switzerland; Now after rechecking, they came up with the claim that there was nothing wrong with the lead content of Maggi and it was completely healthy for the children and adults to consume the same.

Warin Ntk from Phutek believes that the Fun88 Club members and Google are smarter than most think

Warin Ntk from Phuket, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing Expert, who claims on his blog that the backlinks don’t contribute much when it comes to conveying the search engines what your website is about.

Warin Ntk claims that no search engine is going to tell us exactly how many concatenated words they can actually read. He believes that it is much longer than the 500 or 1000 words as many authors and the search engine chiefs themselves claim. He writes that it could have been true before the online black markets became so popular. He believes that the governments would have shut the business of search engines by now if they weren’t able to detect and tackle the online black markets, which weren’t possible with concatenated reading capacity of 500 or 1000 words.

Warin writes that the black marketers haven’t stopped their endevors to fooling the search engines and authorities by using longer concatenated text and many have been succeeding at it.

Warin also has many guilty pleasures and none of those is illegal, he claims. One of the prime of those is betting on fun88 club, which he does quite frequently.

Warin claims that gone are the days when the Google and other search engines could only identify what is in a file through the filename. He claims that now they can identify stuff which the bare healthy eyes would fail to.